Firestop Special Inspection and Consulting Services

Ensuring Building Fire Safety Code Compliance

Passive Fire Protection Begins With Firestop Inspection

Passive fire protection is crucial to a building’s design and construction. Firestopping works to compartmentalize a building, helping to confine the fire to its place of origin and thereby saving lives and property. The building’s overall passive fire protection system can save lives and property when in proper working order. Take the first step. Let our firestop inspection pros at Solution Firestop in Dallas, Texas, help your team make this happen.

2 Hour Fire Barrier

ASTM E2174 and ASTM E2393 Inspections

Do you want more time for your occupants to escape if there is a fire in your building? The required fire stopping systems can help save lives when installed and installed correctly. Our experience proves that when installers know a qualified inspector is on the project and their work is being inspected to a high level, the quality of firestop installations improves. Recent building code changes mandate third-party firestop inspections on certain risk-category buildings. Our team of highly qualified inspectors can quickly help fill that need and ensure you stay code compliant.

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Send in the Elite Inspectors

Intertek-qualified professionals perform all ASTM E2174 and ASTM E2393 inspections. These specialists have passed IFC exams and now hold premier IFC certificates.

Under this program, every inspector undergoes continuous training, regular third-party audits, and backing from Intertek. This ensures that inspectors have the experience and training that building owners and relevant authorities demand.

Multiple Service Applications

We follow firestop special inspection ASTM E2174 and ASTM E2393 standards to make sure that construction teams install complete, effective, and efficient firestop systems in the following:

  • Business Offices
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Mixed-Use Facilities
  • Retail Areas
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Hospitality Establishments
  • Multifamily Homes

Turnkey Inspection Solutions

Proper firestop installation is integral to any building's safety plan. With turnkey firestop inspection solutions, owners and contractors can confidently communicate that structures are ready for occupancy.

Documentation, Training, and Review

Before inspections are conducted, we confirm that all required documentation is in place. We also train construction teams and review installations to guarantee alignment with ASTM E2174 and ASTM E2393 standards.

Firestop Special Inspector

Quality Assurance and Control

Let us conduct a pre-construction meeting with the general contractor and trades covering all aspects of the firestop inspection process. We then walk the site and conduct a preliminary inspection before the construction team completes firestop installations throughout the project. We perform these reviews to certify that everything is in order.

This way, we can eliminate and/or address the following shortcomings:

  • Missed Conditions
  • Inadequate Paperwork
  • Poor Installations

Get To Know Our Company

Located in Dallas, Texas, Solution Firestop is a third-party firestop special inspection and consultancy firm owned and managed by James Monroe. James has nearly a decade of experience serving building owners and general contractors across the US, primarily in and around:

  • Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex
  • Plano
  • Frisco
  • Prosper
  • McKinney
  • Addison
  • Allen
  • Mansfield
  • Richardson
  • Euless
  • Irving
  • Las Colinas
  • Denton
  • Austin
  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Oklahoma City
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Meet James Monroe

A highly qualified Intertek IQP program firestop inspector, James makes sure that firestops are compliant with the 2012 IBC and subsequent-year codes. Justifiably so, construction managers pick our company for special inspections of firestop systems.

Our Mission

Integrity, honesty, communication, hard work, and attention to detail are all integral to our success. So that projects move forward and stay code-compliant, we bring firestop inspection solutions to our clients.

Our Client-Centric Philosophy

To better serve our clients, we simplify the process. This is pivotal to building solid relationships with clients who come back to us for consultations, guidance, and system checks.

Work Closely With Us

Every building project comes with unique requirements. Worry not, as our inspectors collaborate with you every step of the way. You receive all the necessary information and technical assistance for code-compliant firestop systems.